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Lawn Watering

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Date : July 10, 2020
Location : 6 Wilton Avenue, Somerton Park SA 5044, Australia

When and how to water your lawn
A good watering program is essential to a happy, healthy lawn.

With regular maintenance and a common sense watering your lawn will look amazing and be fighting fit to ward off most health problems. How often should you water your lawn?
This will depend on your weather, soil, grass variety and your lawns health.
Your lawn should be partly dried out between watering to stimulate deeper root growth; this makes your lawn more drought resistant.
During the warmer months a good deep watering once a week, and a top up lighter watering during hot weather, should be sufficient. During a particularly long dry spell a few extra deep watering may be helpful.
Watch the weather; if the forecast is hot then give your lawn a bit more of a preheat drink.
In Spring and Autumn you may need lighter and less frequent watering.
Winter watering is only necessary during dry spells.
Best time of day to water is early morning or evening. Avoid the heat of the day to minimise water loss to evaporation.
How do I tell if my lawn needs water?
A simple check is the footprint test. Walk across your lawn and see how long it takes for the grass to bounce back. If you can hardly see your footprint, your lawn is adequately hydrated, but if it leaves a mark or is slow to bounce back your lawn needs a drink.

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