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Turf Laying Services in Sydney

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Price : Price On Call
Date : July 1, 2020
Location : Cromer Heights Newsagency, Truman Avenue, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia

At ALGT Services there are plenty of options when it comes to laying turf as part of your commercial landscaping project.

Preparing the landscape site area for turf laying is the first step as all existing vegetation needs to be removed.

Once this has been done adding the top soil is the next step and then the site measurements are undertaken to determine the quantity of lawn required.

We use turf laying methods that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, utilising only organic farming methods, specially blended composted fertilisers and 100% natural organic pesticides to control pests.


Santa Ana

Is a warm season lawn, is fine leafed, has a medium growth rate and is tolerant of wear.

This type of lawn grows in full sun and is shade tolerant.

Santa Ana if maintained properly will be durable and attractive.

It is a deep emerald green colour.


Greenlees park lawn is an improved selection of common couch grass and is classed as a warm season grass and has leaves which form a matt like appearance and feel.

Greenlees Park is suitable for bowling greens and recreational areas as well as a variety of recreational areas.

Greenlees is hard wearing and drought tolerant.

Winter Green

This grass is a selection of a warm season grass having a denser profile than Greenlees Park Couch.

Winter Green is a fine leafed lawn and grows at a medium rate and again most suitable for bowling greens and recreational areas, whilst forming a dense matt in touch and appearance.

Winter Green requires modest fertilising.


Normally referred to as “easy grass” empire is the perfect landscape grass which has an eye catching dark green lively fresh colour as well as soft to the touch and shade tolerant.

Empire can grow in clay and sandy soil types and is durable and robust and has a quick underfoot recovery rate.

This lawn thrives in extreme heat and humidity and is drought tolerant due to its deep rooted system.

Can be used for domestic and commercial properties as well as sports grounds and park areas.


The empress is once again the perfect landscaping grass, has a fine blade texture and needs regular mowing.

Empress is well suited for home lawns as well as golf courses, parks and a variety of sports fields.

Empress has a thriving deep green colour and loves humid and hot climates.

It is fine bladed, soft and dense and is the most beautiful of all textured lawns.

Buffalo’s varieties are…

Shademaster Soft Leaf

This grass is tolerant of many conditions, will grow vigorously and has an excellent shade tolerance. Shademaster Buffalo is hardy and resilient although prefers a warmer climate will perform well in colder climates.

ST 85

Is a lush green semi dwarf buffalo grass, is soft and has an excellent shade tolerance as well as enjoying plenty of sun and is low maintenance.

ST 91

Retains a true royal green attractive colour and has a carpet like quality appearance. This type of grass is slow growing therefore needing less maintenance and has a fine texture underfoot. This evergreen mini dwarf leaf is hot weather, cold and shade tolerant.

ST 26

This type of buffalo is very soft; medium textured and is extremely attractive. It has a semi vigorous growth pattern and is the most versatile turf grass available. ST 26 is an attractive bright green colour, is shade tolerant, and thrives in warmer climates but has a good winter resistance and a consistent deep green colour.


Is a very soft leaf and unlike older traditional scratchy buffalo, is the perfect choice for domestic homes. Palmetto is fast growing and thrives in shaded areas as well as being a soft textured leaf. Palmetto is shade tolerant and actively grows in winter with a consistent deep green colour.


Is shade tolerant and is hard wearing. Sapphire is different from its sister buffalos because of its fine texture. Sapphire is deep rooted and slow growing as well as winter tolerant. Sapphire thrives in warm humid climates with high tolerance to frost and a consistent deep green colour.

ALGT will supply and lay synthetic grass applications for any commercial or residential landscape project perfect for School areas, Sports Clubs, Landscaping, Lawn Bowls, Child Care Centres, Football, Cricket, Putting Greens, Hockey and Tennis.

Artificial grass will give you a guaranteed fresh looking lawn 365 days of the year.

Why Use Artificial Grass

With modern technology fake grass has progressed considerably allowing in many cases the look and appeal of real lawn to be accomplished.

No weeds, no lawn mowers no sprinkler, no watering.

Synthetic lawn is soft and life like and offers years of low maintenance because rain is the best cleaner, eliminating the surface area of any debris.

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