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Custom blends calculator

Custom blends calculator

Custom blends become more and more popular in agriculture and landscaping. Custom blends, obtained by mechanical mixing of fertilizers, contain several nutrients. They are applied if it is necessary to ad to soil several nutrients at one time to get a planned yield.

Dry mixing of fertilizers is an affordable, simple and economical method to produce complex fertilizers.

In terms of their agrochemical qualities, custom blends practically do not differ from complex fertilizers. The advantage is the ability to produce a wide range of fertilizers with any ratio of nutrients that meet the requirements of farm.

Custom blends can be easily adapted to the requirements of crops, soil and climate conditions, both in concentration and in the ratio of nutrients. This is how they differ from complex fertilizers with a constant composition.

We provide you a simple tool to calculate ratio, cost and quantity of fertilizers to produce the custom blend required for your farm.

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