How To Sell On

How To Sell On

In a couple words…. is designed to provide a straightforward,easy experience to seller. In the case if you feel that the potential buyer is hesitating to meet-up, not committed enough to finalize the deal or trying to direct you to do something unexpected or move the discussions to another site or location, stop communicating. The is a big chance you will find many others interested buyers who are willing and ready to purchase.

First contact

Keep in mind when a potential buyer first contacts you,

  • Does the person’s email address look legitimate or is it filled with lots of numbers and letters?
  • Did they call or text using a private number and then request you email them back?
  • Is the communication filled with grammatical and spelling errors?
    Do they want you to post your ad on their website or offer to sell your item for you (for a fee, usually)?
  • Offer any other kind of service (a “shipper” will come pick up the item, they’ll send you a wire as payment) or ask you to do something (provide your bank details, cash a cheque, etc.)
    If any of the above appears in your contact with a potential buyer, simply stop communication and report it to us.

Meet in person before finalizing a deal

Meeting face to face is the best way to ensure a hassle-free, easy transaction.

If the communications with the potential buyer have gone smoothly and it’s time to make the sale, we always strongly recommend and advise you meet in person, in a neutral, well-lit public space. If the person is hesitant to meet you locally, makes excuses as to why they can’t meet you or want to send a third party to make the purchase, it’s best to say no.


Once you’ve met the buyer locally and they are ready to purchase your item, the next step of course is payment! You may want to sell with Our secure payment options. (available on request), which are quick and secure, or you can accept cash. Using e-transfer is another popular way to pay but be very wary of anyone who offers to send you money before meeting you in person. You may also want to accept cheques but remember, the funds can take a week or so to clear.

In short

We hope that you have a positive experience with Do not hesitate to contact us to express your concerns, ask us questions, provide your feedback. We work hard to increase your profit.

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