Our First Anniversary!  Thank You Message

Our First Anniversary! Thank You Message

Hello, our Valued Customer,

I am Slava Dubchenko, CEO and founder of BuyForFarm Group. I know how busy you are, and I appreciate your time and business with us.

BuyForFarm is celebrating its first anniversary today, and I’m posting this message to personally thank you for choosing us, trusting us, and growing with us.

We’ve done a lot to improve BuyForFarm functionality, made platform safe to use, added various tools for your convenience this year. It was interesting and challenging time for us, as for most of our customers, but we always believe in the best future and try to help others. Our team continue to improve services to help people buy all they need for the reasonable price, sell products and promote business on our platform.

But nothing is perfect, and there is always something to improve, something to change, and something to remove … To make sure that we are working in the right direction and creating a reliable and useful tool for you, I would ask you to provide us with feedback about your experience with us.

You can contact our support team at any time at customercare@buyforfarm.com support@buyforfarm.com or send your feedback, thoughts and suggestions directly to my personal email address slava@buyforfarm.com I promise to read every comment, take action and do everything possible to improve your experience with us.

I’d also like to invite you to follow us on social media, leave your positive review about us in Facebook and Google.

Wish you all the best,

Slava Dubchenko.