As a vendor of Marketplace you will have next capabilities:

Products – Manage Products, Add Products, Publish Products, Edit Live Products, Auto Publish Live Products, Delete Products

Types – Simple, Variable,  Grouped,  External / Affiliate

Panels – Inventory,  Shipping,  Taxes,  Linked,  Attributes,  Advanced,   Catalog

Marketplace – Show Sold By,  Show Email,  Show Phone,  Show Address,  Show Map,  Show Social Icons, Show Policy Of Your Store, Store Hours Of Operation, Customer Support,  Refund Requests, Reviews Manage, Ledger Book,  Product Multivendor,  Video Banner,  Slider Banner

Withdrawal – Withdrawal Request,  Transactions, Transaction Details


Articles – Manage Articles,  Add Articles,  Publish Articles,  Edit Live Articles,  Auto Publish Live Articles,  Delete Articles

Coupons – Manage Coupons,  Add Coupons,  Publish Coupons,  Edit Live Coupons,  Auto Publish Live Coupons,  Delete Coupons,  Allow Free Shipping

Orders – View Orders,  Status Update,  View Details,  Add/Edit Order,  Delete Order,  View Comments,  Submit Comments,  Export CSV,  View Commission

Customers – Manage Customers,  Add Customer,  View Customer, Edit Customer, Delete Customer,  View Customer Orders,  View Customer Name, View Customer Email,  Billing Address,  Shipping Address,

Reports – View Reports

Besides all these you also have some advanced features

Supported Product Types – Accommodation, Appointment, Auction, Event, Rental, Lottery, Tickets, Bookings, Subscriptions, Listings, Voucher

Customer – Vendor Live Chat, Support Ticket, Store Invoice, Commission Invoice & Packing Slip, Shipment Tracking, Vendor Verification, Following – Followers, Vendor Badges, Vacation Mode and much more…