Last updated: August 21, 2020

When something’s not right

When you do business over, you’re no more (or less) likely to run into shady characters than you are in the real world, or when you buy and sell items over another on-line services. Stay vigilant and walk away if something doesn’t feel right. Should you nevertheless find yourself the victim of a scam, you can and should take action:

  • If you suspect a scammer, report them to
  • If you believe you’ve been scammed, notify law enforcement. Inform your local police agencies and also consider filing a report with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The FBI doesn’t promise to follow up on all cases, but registering scams helps uncover fraud trends and patterns that can help thwart cyber-crooks. is a part of global platform (named further Marketplace ) offers a wide range of products, resourses, features and servises. Usind Marketplace, you automatically agree with Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Refund and Return Policy. Please, read all Marketplace’s policies carefully. Policy

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are established to maintain a safe buying venue for customers and a fair selling environment for our merchants. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in cancellation of listings and or permanent removal from Marketplace.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to both sellers of products and services.

  1. Unauthorized & improper Seller Store Names. The Seller Store Name (identifying a seller’s business entity on Marketplace) must be a name that: accurately identifies the seller; is not misleading; and the seller has the right to use (that is, the name cannot include the trademark of, or otherwise infringe on, any trademark or other intellectual property right of any person; cannot be identical or similar to another company’s name protected by trademark law).
  2. Attempts to divert transactions or customers. Any attempt to circumvent the established Marketplace’s sales process or to divert Marketplace’s customers to another website is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages that lead, prompt, or encourage Marketplace’s customers to leave the Marketplace are prohibited. Prohibited activities include the following:
    • The use of email intended to divert customers away from Marketplace.
    • The inclusion of hyperlinks, URLs or web addresses within any seller generated confirmation email messages or customer communication email messages.
    • As part of Marketplace’s Content Policy, inclusion of hyperlinks, URLs or web addresses in any product/listing description fields that are intended to divert customers away from Marketplace.
  3. Inappropriate email communications. All email communications with customers must be courteous, relevant and appropriate. Unsolicited email communications with Marketplace’s customers, email communications other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service, and emails containing marketing communications of any kind are prohibited.
  4. Operating multiple seller accounts. Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy.Please contact your Account Manager or our Seller Services team if you do not know who manages your account for more information or to send a request. In your request, please provide a legitimate reason on why a second account is needed. To be considered to allow a second account to be opened, you must provide the following when you contact your Account Manager or our Seller Services team. If you do not know who manages your account at Marketplace, Our Seller Services team can be reached at [email protected]
    • A separate email address
    • No intention to sell the same products or services in both accounts
    • Intention to sell in entirely different categories
    • The inventory sold in each account must be different.You’ll receive a response to your request within 2 to 3 business days.
  5. Misuse of selling functions on Marketplace. All sellers are able to access the functions that are provided by Marketplace via Seller Portal, Marketplace Dashboard, Store Manager service and or API. If a seller uploads excessive amounts of data repeatedly or otherwise uses the service in an excessive or unreasonable way that can create a disproportional load and impair the ability of other sellers to easily access and use the selling services. If a seller is misusing or making excessive or unreasonable use of the Marketplace’s selling services, Marketplace may in its sole discretion restrict or block the seller’s access to product feeds or any other functions that are being misused until the seller stops its misuse.
  6. Misuse of the Marketplace’s  product listings. Grouping the same available product offerings from multiple sellers into a single product listing enhances the customer shopping experience. To ensure customers are receiving the most accurate product information while they are making their purchasing decision, the following activities are prohibited.
    • Matching product listings inaccurately. When listing items for sale using an existing product detail page, the product being offered must be listed on a product detail page that accurately describes the product in all respects, including (but not limited to) the following attributes: manufacturer, edition, binding, version, format, or player compatibility.
    • Creating duplicate product detail pages. Creating a product detail page for a product already in the Marketplace’s catalog is strictly prohibited.
    • Creating separate listings. Sellers may not create separate listings for identical copies of the same item. Individually listing the same item several times is confusing for customers and frustrating for other sellers
  7. Misuse of the Marketplace’s  Search Engine. When customers use Marketplace’s  search engine, they expect to find relevant and accurate results. To ensure that the customer experience is protected, all product-related information, including keywords and search terms, must be accurate and relevant to the listed product. Any attempt to manipulate the search and browse experience by intentionally including irrelevant content or keyword stuffing/ spamming (keyword stuffing/ spamming refers to the practice of using keywords or details that are not directly relevant to the immediate listing. This will be considered an attempt to manipulate the search and browse experience) is strictly prohibited.

 Marketplace’s Seller Agreement

Updated: August 21, 2020

In order to sell items in Marketplace, you must agree to the Marketplace’s  seller agreement outlined below, which includes our Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions on the Site. By listing an item for sale or purchasing an item on the Marketplace, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Marketplace agreement.

Marketplace reserves the right to make changes to this  Marketplace’s seller agreement at any time. Changes to this Marketplace’s seller agreement are effective when the changes are posted to the Site. Continuing to sell items in Marketplace will constitute your agreement to the new Marketplace’s seller agreement. It is your responsibility to review the changes and decide if you want to continue to use Marketplace’s.  Changes to the Marketplace’s seller agreement may occur without notice to you. (Marketplace)

Marketplace provides an online service, resourses and features that allows third party sellers to sell their products to buyers. Marketplace does not act as the agent for either buyers or sellers. Marketplace essentially advertise listed on Marketplace products, attracts buyers, connects buyers and sellers, provides a reliable and safe payment options, helps to finalise a buying process and then steps back entirely. Price, delivery system, returne and refund options are figured out between buyer and seller.

Seller Qualification

Marketplace has sole discretion in evaluating each individual Seller’s suitability to participate in the Marketplace and related listing services. At the time Seller applies to participate, and periodically throughout the term of this Agreement, Marketplace will review certain Seller characteristics, including but not limited to, product offerings, product liability and compliance history, business and financial standing, and whether Seller could be construed as a current or potential competitor to Marketplace, and Marketplace reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to reject any Seller applicant, or to terminate any participating Seller, which Marketplace deems not to be suitable to participate in the Marketplace and related listing services.


You must login with an existing account or complete the Site registration process ( you need to register only one time to participare in/ use all resourses and sites related to to create an account with a username and password (the “Account”), register a shop in order to make full use of selling on the Marketplace. You may not share your password with anyone except authorized employees (if you’re a retail business or have a Pro account with user roles). You must always provide accurate, current and complete information, and you must update such information in a timely manner to maintain its accuracy and completeness. Any use of Marketplace through your Account will be deemed as being used by you. Marketplace is entitled to rely on the contact and other information that is supplied to us through your Account. Your Account is non-transferable and non-assignable.


Listing items for sale in the Marketplace is limited to parties that can lawfully enter into a contract. Minors are not allowed to buy or sell on Marketplace. To list items for sale you must supply your name, address, phone number, email address and agree to the Marketplace’s agreement.


There are no fees to sell/buy on

Transaction and service fees applied according to PayPal and Stripe fees (2.9%+$0.30 per successful charge)


Marketplace requires you to provide timely support to the customers. All messages should ideally be replied to within 24hrs. Please resolve all customer issues related to your business on  Marketplace within 48hrs if possible.


It is your responsibility and obligation to discuss delivery system, schedule and organize shipping to buyer according to provided information and reached agreement.

Marketplace is not responsible for the actions of third parties, late delivery or non-compliance of the purchased goods. However, Marketplace reserves the right to initiate an investigation and suspend seller’s funds till problem is resolved.


Sellers cannot list or sell items that: infringe upon intellectual property rights or are illegal, fake, counterfeit, or stolen. Items listed for sale must be listed on the correct item page and an accurate description of the products description must be given. The accounts of sellers may be limited in a matter that allows them to make a certain amount of transactions within a given time at the sole discretion of Marketplace. Marketplace reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

Marketplace determines which products to offer for sale in the marketplace. Products may be added or removed at any time without notice. Changes to the item detail pages of a product can also take place without notice. The way listings appear in the Marketplace may change without notice to users of the Marketplace. Please note that if you are listing presale items, you should be following your publisher or distributor’s restrictions and regulations when using Marketplace.

Sellers are required to sell items at the price they listed to customers that meet the seller’s terms. By listing an item in Marketplace, you agree that you have the right to sell the item, the item is in your possession and that your description provided in your listing is complete and accurate. Sellers are required to ship an order by the agreed ship date and provide buyer with accurate shipment information. Failure to ship by the provided date may be a ground for termination of your Account.


You must keep any customer information you receive confidential and secure. In general, you should not share your Marketplace’s login information with anyone other than authorized employees. Any employees or individuals who have access to your Marketplace’s account must also keep login and buyer information secure. If you store buyer information anywhere outside of the Marketplace’s Seller Portal, you must store that information securely where unauthorized individuals cannot access the information. In addition, you may not share buyer information through social media platforms. If you are collecting buyer information for the purpose of marketing, you must obtain consent before doing so.


GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, a European Union (EU) law that regulates how personal information can be collected, stored, and used in an effort to protect online users. Under this law, residents of the European Union have the right to know who is collecting their personal information and for what purpose it is being used.

If you sell to individuals residing within the European Union, the law applies to you. In addition, as a Marketplace’s seller, you must adhere to the GDPR regulations and follow best practices when handling a buyer’s personal information. You may receive certain information about buyers, such as names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It’s important that you keep this information confidential and secure.

In addition, residents in the EU have the “right to be forgotten” and we will make every attempt to comply with rules under GDPR Article 17, Paragraph 2. If we forward you a buyer’s request to be forgotten, you must comply and delete all personal information you have in your possession.


Marketplace provides a secure payment options (SSL Certificate) via reliable Stripe and PayPal payments option. Buyers can use credit cards, debit cards, PayPal account to purchase products on Marketplace.

Marketplace does not keep an information about debit/credit cards and PayPal accounts of buyers.

Sellers must provide Marketplace with bank information, Stripe account and PayPal account information in order to accept payments through Marketplace.


It is the seller’s responsibility to collect and remit any taxes associated with a transaction. Marketplace is not responsible for determining when tax should be charged.


For all of your products you will accept and process returns, refunds and adjustments in accordance with this  Marketplace’s seller agreement and the Marketplace’s Refund and Return Policy published on the Marketplace at the time of the applicable order, and we may inform customers that these policies apply to your products. Customers are not subject to restocking or refund processing fees when a Seller applies a refund. You will promptly provide refunds and adjustments that you are obligated to provide under the applicable Refund and Return Policy and as required by law, and in no case later than thirty (30) days after the obligation arises.


The seller can terminate participation in our marketplace at any time by written notice to Marketplace. Marketplace reserves the right to terminate a user’s participation in the marketplace at any time for any reason at its sole discretion, with or without notice to user. Marketplace reserves the right to monitor user accounts to determine if policies or laws are being broken. Marketplace reserves the right to remove or edit any content supplied by users. Any illegal or fraudulent activity may be reported to law enforcement or other third parties.


Marketplace is provided as is and without warranty.  Marketplace makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. We strive to provide Marketplace 24 hours a day 365 days a year, but we do not guarantee Marketplace will always be available. Marketplace will not be liable for any loss due to Marketplace not being available. Marketplace will not be liable for any loss due to errors in our software or the software of others that we use.


You will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Marketplace and its affiliates (and their respective employees, directors, agents and representatives) from and against any and all claims, costs, losses, damages, judgments, penalties, interest and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of any claim, action, audit, investigation, inquiry or other proceeding instituted by a person or entity that arises out of or relates to: any actual or alleged breach of your representations, warranties, or obligations set forth in this marketplace agreement; or your own website or other sales channels, the products you sell, any content you provide, the advertisement, offer, sale or return of any products you sell, any actual or alleged infringement of any intellectual property or proprietary rights by any products you sell or content you provide, or the collection, payment or failure to collect or pay any taxes.



Because Marketplace is directly involved with transactions between buyers and sellers, you agree that Marketplace can be actively involved in claims, demands and damages related to transaction disputes. If a dispute arises, buyers and sellers are expected to deal with each other to come to a resolution. At times, Marketplace’s Customer Service may step in to mediate disputes between Buyers and Sellers on our platform. During mediation, Marketplace’s Customer Service may apply full or partial refunds to resolve disagreements, any and all refunds are at the discretion of the Customer Service Team.


Any claim against Marketplace in relation to our marketplace shall be adjudicated in a court in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and you agree to exclusive jurisdiction of these courts. This agreement shall be governed by Manitoba law, without regard to conflict of laws principles thereof.


By agreeing to the Marketplace’s seller agreement, you grant the royalty-free use of any content you submit to us. You represent that you own any content you submit to us or you have the right to distribute submitted content. You will be responsible for any violation of rights for unauthorized content.


If any section of this agreement is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that section shall be deemed severable and the remainder of the agreement will remain in force. Failure to enforce any section of this agreement by Marketplace does not constitute a waiver of Marketplace’s right to enforce such section or any other section in the future.