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Our secure payment options.

Our secure payment options.

If buyer is interested in some product/service, but worries about possible fraud or scam? If seller feel that the potential buyer is hesitating to meet-up. We can provide secure option to protect both our valuable customers-seller and buyer. 

If buyer don’t have possibilities to meet seller personally, arrange product test or have any concerns about possible fraud or scam, we can provide buyer with reliable payment option. To use it buyer should:

1 Find product/service you need

2 Contact seller and discuss all you need to know about product/service, get as much information as possible.

3 Agree with seller to make a payment through our platform.

4 Contact us for the personal link where you would be able to purchase product/service using your PayPal account or credit/debit card (some fees may apply)

5 Make a payment, seller will be automatically notified that the payment was completed

6 Enjoy your new acquisition.

How this protect both-seller and buyer?

When buyer and seller agree to use our safe platform to make a payment, we will create a personal page where seller could fill in required, agreed info about product and send a link to buyer. Buyer can check, validate information and make a payment. After that, money will be on hold till buyer receives purchased product/service (withing a reasonable time) . Once product received and we do not get any complains, request money back etc, money will be forwarded to the seller’s account.

If seller brakes agreement, do not supply product/service in agreed condition or time frame, some other problems caused by the seller appear and buyer can prove that clearly- we will send money back to buyer after product return to seller(you should specify delivery method and costs, delivery expenses will be not covered by our payment options and money back guarantee)

Please, contact us for more detailed information about this option.

If you would sell your products or services, please read How To Sell On

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