Start a pet blog that makes money – 8 steps to success

Start a pet blog that makes money – 8 steps to success

Today we will discuss 8 steps to start a pet blog that makes money in 2021.

1 Find best domain name. 2 Chose the best and fastest hosting. 3 Install WordPress. 4 Use the best and fastest theme. 5 Connect with search engines. 6 Connect to google search console. 7 Create content. 8 Leverage social media

Starting an online business in 2021 is a reasonably cheap and fast option. Everyone has lots of options like blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, online shop, niche and general classified ads, multivendor marketplace…

However, you should keep in mind that online business, like any other, still requires some investments, patience, skills and time. You should know that your success will not happen overnight just after you built and launched your blog. . There are billions different sites in the internet, but only a limited number of them are popular and generate profits.

You will have to invest your time, your money, help people, provide valuable information. Is it worth your time and efforts? You should decide by yourself, but keep in mind that blogging, as well as any other type of online business, is still a profitable business if you dedicated to help people and provide valuable information.

Let’s start your journey and build a pet blog that make money.

1 Keyword for the blog’s name and domain name.

How to start a pet blog that makes money - 8 steps to success

Well, you have chosen a niche for your blog and decided that pets are best choice to go. The first question is how to find a best name for your blog. There are lots of discussions on if the blog name, domain name make an impact on the ranking of site in the Google search or not.

To avoid any speculations, just type in google search something to figure out what appeared the fist in the list. You will find that sites with relevant domain, name, posts will be shown on the first page. Do you want to be on the first page or just somewhere?

We advise to use special tools like SEMRUSH or Google Ads Keyword planner to check relevant keyword and find best fit for you. For example, if you would run the blog about dogs, check what people ask in google for key words and filter keywords with reasonable number of searches.

We would prefer to chose keywords with low to medium 1000-10000 average monthly searches to start with for new blog. This niche is easy to compete and still has enough potential to grow your blog.

For example, for dog blog we found interesting keywords like – all about dogs, companion animal, all dog breeds, all dogs, all breed, all four paws.

Next step is to check each keyword and find out who appears on the first page to figure out if we can compete. After analyzing each keyword, we left with – all about dogs and all dogs– looks like these keywords have the best potential and low competition on domain name, there is no paid ads on the pages ( good if you decide to start a paid campaign – chip on price).

So, our favorite domain names are something like, all-about-dogs.your prefered extension,, all-dogs.your extension… Looks like easy to compete with high potential.

The cheapest prices to register domain offered by Cloudflare and  Namecheap

However, you can register with any other hosting providers that are convenient for you. Just keep in mind, Cloudflare would need a bit extra work to connect you site with domain name.

2 Chose the best and fastest hosting for your pet blog that make money.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

It is critical for your success to choose a good, reliable and fast hosting. If you decide to start with a cheap or a free one, be prepared to that only you will be a visitor of your blog. Or, maybe, some of your relatives and friends will visit it if you provide them your site name and url.

According to statistic, 60% of potential visitors leave site if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. Jut imagine, every site that loads more than 3 seconds lose more than a half of potential visitor even before visitor could see the content.

We live in the 21 century and there is no excuse why your site is slow. Slow site today means that you don’t care about your audience, why users should care about you? Internet is saturated with fast, user friendly sites and blogs.

Moreover, all search engines also consider site speed when position site or blog in results. Your goal is to get the best position on the first page in search as soon as possible. So, do your diligence, check few hosting providers and choose best for you. We recommend to use Cludways

3 Install and configure WordPress.

How to start a pet blog that makes money - 8 steps to success

WordPress is the most popular SRM today. More that 60% of all sites are built with WordPress. It is easy to use, cheap and user friendly. Anyone, even me, can build any site with WordPress just in a few minutes.

WordPress is also very easy to install. Most hosting providers offer one click instalment option.

After installation, you should configure your site for the best SEO performance. There are a few easy steps to follow listed below:

Go to Settings-General-Site title. Type you site name there. It is not necessary that your site title and domain name are the same. For example your domain is but site title could be All about dogs blog or something like that.

After that, fill in tag line. Provide information about your site, include a few keywords there too. Put something like All about dogs blog dedicated to provide info about all dog breeds, interesting facts about dogs and dog care……

As you can see, I listed a few keywords in this description, I hope you are on the same page with me now. Save changes.

Go to Settings- Permalink -and chose Post name for the best SEO optimization. Click save changes.

4 Use the best and fastest theme.

It is important to chose right theme- the best one for the best performance and user experience. Most bloggers make a mistake just from start choosing fancy theme but with poor performance, not mobile friendly and very slow.

There are tons of different free and paid themes available now. One more time, we advise to concentrate on the user experience and speed of loading. I think Kadence theme is one of the best for blogs. I plan to make a video tutorial with this amazing theme.

You can get ultra fast, modern blog in a couple of minutes even with a free version. Kadence Pro will give you lots of premium options to make your blog outstanding.

To install Kadence theme, go to plugins- add new- Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for Page Builder Features and Kadence Starter Templates- install them and activate. After that, go to Kadence – TRY KADENCE FOR FREE NOW – download file. Go to Appearance – themes – ad new-Upload them-chose the file with Kadence theme you downloaded earlier – download – install.

After that, go to Appearance- Starter templates and chose one you like the most. Agency, Yoga studio and Recipe blog are really good for bogs of different kinds. They are very easy to customize and very fast. Chose to install with Gutenberg, chose Color Scheme, Font Family and click full site.

Congratulations, you just created your super fast, modern pet blog that make money.

We will make a video how to customize your blog in a few minutes.

5 Connect your blog with search engines, set up SEO.

How to start a pet blog that makes money - 8 steps to success

Next step is to connect your blog with Google and Bing, so people could find you easily. It is very important step in your journey to your growth. I recommend to use Yoast SEO plugin for this purpose.

Go to plugins – ad new- Yoast SEO – install – activate – fallow steps to activate plugin. We will make a video on how to set Yoast SEO for the best performance, but you can still follow instructions here as well.

Go to SEO – General – chose if you are an individual or a company – upload your logo – click save.

After installing and activation, you will find SEO on a menu bar. Go to SEO-General- Webmaster Tools- Get your Bing verification code in Bing Webmaster Tools – click link Bing Webmaster Tools – fallow instructions to register – on a left top corner click add site – chose Add your site manually – Enter your site url – click add – chose HTML Meta Tag – copy – paste in the box Bing verification code on your site – click save changes – return to Bing and click verify. Congratulations, you connected your site to Bing.

Next step to connect with Google. Klick Get your Google verification code in Google Search Console. – follow instructions to sign or create a profile – chose HTML tag – copy – go to your site and paste it to Google verification code – click save changes – go back to google Webmaster Central and click verify. Congratulations, you verified your ownership with google.

6 Improves ranking of your pet blog on google – connect to google search console.

It is a time now to connect your site to the Google search console and help Google to find your blog, posts and put them in the front of users.

Go to Google Search Console – fallow instructions to create an account or sign in – on the left top corner click add property – put you domain in the Domain option – click continue. Congratulations, you added your site to google search console.

Next step is go to your site – SEO – General – Features – XML sitemaps – click ? sign – click See the XML sitemap. – copy part of domain after your site domain, something like that sitemap_index.xml – go back to the Google Search Console – click site maps – Add a new sitemap – paste copied portion of url – click submit.

Great, you just successfully provided google all information about useful content on your blog. Google is able to check your blog and put a right information from your blog in the front of right users.

You just finished to do basic, but very important steps to build a great site, your pet blog that makes money and attracts visitors. Your site is optimized, user friendly, very fast and ready for the next steps.

7 Content is king.

How to start a pet blog that makes money - 8 steps to success

There are many different strategies on how to create highly ranking, useful and interesting content to attract and keep visitors to your pet blog that make money .

But that’s outside of the scope of this post. Just keep in mind, even the most fancy, ultra modern site worth nothing without good content. This is a place where you should contribute at list 75% of your time. You should focus on the value your blog provides to audience.

Keep in mind that Google, as well as users, expect constant updates and new posts on your site. Just a few, even the best of the best posts, would not bring you to the success.

I plan to publish another article dedicated to content creation content soon.

8 Leverage social media.

How to start a pet blog that makes money - 8 steps to success

And last but not least, don’t forget to promote your blog, posts, products through the social media. I don’t mean that you have to set and run paid campaign. Just set accounts in social media you like and post your photos, your posts there. There are a few tools to automate social media promotion, so you don’t have to post every day by yourself. You can use one of the platforms of plugin like Social Rabbit Plugin.

If you have any issues with some tasks mentioned in this article, or just you don’t have a time to do it by yourself, you can always find a trained and experiences professional to do it for you for the reasonable price. I use Fiver to find a helper time by time.

Please, read also Pet shop – 12 tips for the pet shop marketing strategies.

Note: Some of the above links are Affiliate Links, which means I earn Some Commission through that which helps me keep making these content.

Are pet blogs profitable?

Sure, pet blog can be an excellent source of extra income. Just keep in mind that as any other business, blogging needs investments from you like time, money and willingness to learn.

How do I start my own pet blog?

We provided information about that in this article. Just read it and follow all steps. You would need about 2 hours to set up new modern and fast pet blog.

How do I make a successful pet blog?

1 Optimize your blog for the best user experience
2 Create a valuable content
3 Use all available tools like Google my business, Google search console, Bing search console to put your blog in front of users
4 Promote your blog in social media
5 Participate in different groups where people discuss problems related to pets.
You can find lots of ideas how to make a successful pet blog in out article.

How big is the pet niche?

Pets are part of the family in the majority of households worldwide. More than half of people globally have a pet in their home. Not to mention many others pets, the current global dog population is estimated to be around 900 million and rising, with the global cat population coming in at about 600 million according to Simply Insurance statistics.
Since 1988 pet ownership has increased 20%. and pet industry sales grown from 2018 – $90.5 billions of dollars to 2020 -$103.6 billions of dollars and continue to grow.

How do I start my own dog website?

1 Find keyword for the website name and domain name.
2 Chose the best and fastest hosting for your pet blog that make money.
3 Install and configure WordPress.
4 Use the best and fastest theme.
5 Connect your website with search engines, set up SEO
6 Improves ranking of your dog website on google – connect to google search console
7 Content is king. – post great content
8 Leverage social media
You can create your own dog website just following steps in our article.

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