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Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

There are a number of reasons why you should consider to have one of the low maintenance pets for kid at home.

Not only are pets our trusted and loyal companions, but they are also a way to teach children lessons about love, care, and responsibility. And while dogs or cats may be the first animals that comes to mind when it comes to cute and cuddly pets, low maintenance pets also entails a rather huge responsibility that kids of younger age may not be able to handle just yet. Taking this into consideration, we prepared a list of some small pets that you can have for your kids and the pet care that they need

Essential Pet Care

Before we go over the list of the most popular easy pets for kids, let us first walk through the proper pet care needed and necessary for any type of animal. In order to be a responsible pet owner, owners should be able to provide the following:

  • Regular veterinary check ups
  • Proper identification
  • Vaccination
  • Comfortable and humane living condition
  • Food and water
  • Exercise
  • Training and socialization

Amazing low-maintenance pets for kids

Now that we are in the same page when it comes to proper pet care, let us find out what animals are considered to be cool pets that are easy to take care of and suited for children:: 

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs. Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Guinea pigs

Despite the name, guinea pigs are actually a type of rodent that are notably larger than hamsters and gerbils. This makes them easier to handle for kids without the fear of accidently crushing or strangling the animal. Guinea pigs are highly energetic and sociable animals that requires daily interaction. Luckily, guinea pigs try to communicate using different squeaky noises and movements that are more noticeable when they are happy and excited.  


  • Requires less attention compared to cats and dogs.
  • Easier to handle than smaller rodents.
  • Not picky eaters.


  • Cage or enclosure requires spot-cleaning as guinea pigs tend to poop a lot.
  • Needs a relatively large living space.
  • Fast to reproduce.


Fishes. Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

Caring for fishes can be as simple as pouring food in the tank everyday or as complex adjusting the tank’s water temperature ever so often. Regardless, taking care of a fish can be an easy and early introduction for kids to learn about the responsibility of having a pet. In the simplest manner, fishes only need ample space, a clean tank, hideaways, and regular healthy food to survive.

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  • Fascinating to watch for younger kids.
  • Requires little to no attention or social interaction.


  • Cannot be touched or cuddled. 
  • Relatively complex eating and diet program.
  • Requires intensive tank cleaning and maintenance to survive.
  • May come off as boring for some children. 


Ferret. Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

Ferrets can sleep for 18-20 hours a day, so they will not be bored in your absence. Meantime, ferrets are easily tamed, sociable and love affection. They get along well with cats, dogs, and their relatives. You will need a large, high cage equipped with different equipment like a running wheel, balls, a drinking bowl, a tray, a bowl for dry food, to keep a ferret happy and active.


  • Requires little attention
  • Easy to train


  • Needs big cage
  • Can damage home equipment, shoes.


Hamster.Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

Hamsters are cute and funny animals. They need a minimal care. Hamsters do not require a lot of space and large financial costs. They easily get used to hands and do not create a lot of noise. To keep hamsters healthy, they will need some special simulators like running wheels or walking balloon


  • Easily get used to hands
  • Do not require lots of space
  • They are omnivorous


  • Low stress resistance
  • Short lifetime

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko. Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Leopard Gecko

This tropical lizard quickly gets used to humans, is unpretentious and harmless. This creature likes to eat crickets, flies and small spiders. Leopard Gecko can leave for more than 10 years.


  • Long live period
  • It is enough to feed an adult twice a week


  • Requires daylight lamps, special heaters, purifiers and humidifiers


Rabbit. Low Maintenance Pets For Kids That Are Easy to Take Care Of

These cute animals easily adapt to living in an apartment and make almost no noise. Rabbits will need a spacious house. It is better to put the cage with the animal in a quiet and bright place avoiding direct sunlight. The rabbit needs some fresh vegetables, weekly cleaning of the cage and movement. Be ready to supply to the rabbit hay and chewing toys. Otherwise, it will start gnawing on furniture and electrical cords.


  • Rabbits live about 8-12 years
  • Low noise


  • Can damage furniture and electrical cords



Decorative hedgehogs do not require much attention and almost do not cause allergies. These do not need company, can live in an apartment almost as freely as a cat or dog.


  • Unpretentious in food- their diet can include meat, liver, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, milk and fresh apples


  • Their rhythm of life does not always coincide with the owners one. Hedgehog is actively moving and making noise while you sleep.


As mentioned earlier, pets can be used as a way for parents to instill lessons about love, care, and responsibility for children at an early age. However, for cases where dogs and cats may not be an immediate option, there are other cool pets that are easy to take care of that are notably low maintenance compared to our popular fur pets. It’s essential to consider the pet care that you may need to prepare for when getting a new addition to your family. Hopefully this article was able to provide you with a good idea for your kid’s first pet.

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